Medical Supplies

Sport Medical Kit


The Sports Medicalt packed Kit is the perfect thing to have in your gym bag just in case of emergencies.  Small enough to fit in a gym bag or purse but still large enough to hold all the medical supplies you could possibly need.

Kit includes the following supplies:

 1 4x4.1 Yds gauze                        1st Aid Instructions

 4x4 Strl Sponge                          1 Pr. Exam Gloves

5 Bdg Strip 1"x3"                         1 First Aid Cream

2 Bdg Strip 2"x3"                        1 Triple Antibiotic

1 Ice Pack                                      3 Alcohol Wipes

1 Tweezers                                   3 Clean Wipes

1 Hand Soap                                3 Antiseptic Wipes

6 Safety Pins                               3 Iodine Wipes

2 Knuckle Bdg                            1 1/2" Tape

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