Medical Supplies

Tactical Trauma Kit #1


The Tactical Trauma Kit is the perfect thing to have in your home or car for emergencies. Comes in four different colors including; Tan, Black, ACU, and Green.

Included in the kit is the following;

1 Bleedstop Bandage                        6 Safety Pins

1 3" Chesive bdge                              1 Pair Latex Gloves

6 4"x4" Sterile Sponge                    4 Pain Remover

16 Bdge Strips 3"x1"                         2 Ammonia Inhalants

1 5"x9" ABD Pad                               6 BZK Wipes

1 Burn Gel Package                          1 Triangular Bandage

1 First Aid Instructions                    5 Butterfly Closure Strips

1 SS Tweezers                                   1 Latex Tourniquet

1 EMT Shears                                     1 Tape

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