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Moldex BattlePlugs


Moldex BattlePlugs Are An Authorized Hearing Protector For Use By Soldiers And Department Of The Army Civilians.

Patented BattlePlugs use a unique filter built into the plug body to instantaneously reduce dangerous, sudden impulse noises (e.g. weapons fire) plus allow for easy communication and improved awareness in the cap open position - NRR 9dB.


  • Now an authorized hearing protector for use by soldiers and Department of the Army civilians.
  • Dual Mode Protection: 
    - Open cap to hear commands and for loud 
    blasts: NRR 9dB. 
    - Closed cap for continuous/steady noise and impulse noise protection: NRR 24dB.
  • The louder the blast, the more noise reduction (in open position).
  • Cap is easy to open and close, in-ear.
  • Easy to see when cap is in open or closed mode.
  • Easy to clean.

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