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 Brigade's Universal Field Gun Cleaning Kit is the standard military cleaning kit model used by the Army. The cleaning kit includes bronze brushes for cleaning M16/M4 as well as 9mm and .45 ACP combat pistols as used by the U.S. Military. Military issue nylon compartment LC1 Pouch snaps closed and attaches to field gear with an ALICE Slide Keeper. The mild steel T-Handle Rod screws together for various lengths required for the AR and pistol. The BOR30 Cleaning Kit Includes:

  • Mild steel military folding T-handle cleaning rod in sections
  • Threaded brush adapter for commercial brushes
  • Oil bottle
  • Double-ended nylon cleaning brush
  • 1-3/8 square cotton patch bore swabs
  • 223/5.56mm, 7.62mm/.30 Cal, 9mm, .45 cal bronze bore brushes
  • M16/ M4 chamber brush
  • LC2 nylon storage pouch with 2 snaps
  • ALICE attaching slide clip
  • Brigade Quartermasters Brand

Brigade Universal Military Cleaning Kit

Handle:T-type short rod,folds over

ROD:4 Pieces Mild Steel 8 x36 thread

End Piece TipSlotted Patch Adapter, .223 Cal 8 x36 thread

Tip Adapter:Allows use of commercial brushes 8x36 to 8 x 32


BrushM16/M4 Chamber

Brush:30 Cal/7.62

Brush:.45 Cal Pistol

Brush:9mm Pistol

Bottle:Plastic, Empty 1/2oz

Patches:20ea- 1-3/8x1-3/8"

BrushDouble Ended Nylon Bristle

Pouch,StorageLC1 Type, Nylon w/ALICE Slide Attaching Clip

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