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Morovision IR-14 - Phoenix Junior IR Beacon MVB-902111-IR


Morovision IR-14 - Phoenix Junior IR Beacon MVB-902111-IR Product Info

Morovision MVB-902111-IR - Phoenix IR Beacon emits a covert signal that is visible at long ranges when viewed with night vision devices. The simple Phoenix Junior flashes a constant signal when the battery is attached. The programmable Phoenix and Phoenix Visible include an encoding capability that can be set with any metallic object such as a coin. All beacons are easy to use and operate underwater or through clothing such as in a pocket. Morovision is known for the highest quality in all of their Morovision Night Vision products. Be sure to check out the rest ofMorovision products and other high performance night vision product selection. Want to see it in action? Check out the additional info section for a video!

Specifications for Morovision - Phoenix IR Beacon:

Size:  0.75 x 1.25 x 0.5

Weight:  0.5 ounces

Wavelength:  880 nm

Intensity:  750 mCd

Diode Life:  20,000 hours

Visibility Range:  5 miles average

Power Source:  9-volt battery (1)

Battery Life:  100+ hours

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IR beacon in action! 

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