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M40-A1 Gas Mask


The current issued M40-A1 gas mask is still the top trusted mask for the U.S. Military.

 If you are collecting gear to prepare for a major nationwide disaster (such as  a volcanic eruption, a historic earthquake, a major terror attack, an airborne pandemic, or even martial law) then this is an item you should consider adding to your collection. It always pays to plan ahead.

M40-A1 Gas Mask Features:

  • Improved Version of the M-40 with an Outer Layer Skin
  • Removable Outer Lenses
  • 2 Changeable, 1 Permanent Voicemitter, One on the Right or One on the Left Side depending on Canister Placement (This will depend on left or right rifle shooting) One in Front (Permanent)
  • Improved C2A1 Chemical-Biological Filter
  • Quick Doff Hood (not available with every size, depending on stock in store) Contact us to verify we have it in your size.  
  • C2A1 Canister Protects the User From Up To 15 Nerve, Choking, and Blister Agent Attacks, and Two Blood Agent Attacks
  • Drinking System Allows the User to Drink Water When Donning the Mask for Long Periods of Time in a Chemically Contaminated Environment. ( Use the U.S. 1 Quart Canteen with the M40A1 Gas Mask Cap) 
  • Water Proof Bag
  • Heavy Duty Canvas Carrying Case

Prior Issued, Excellent Condition, Lenses May Have Minor Scratches

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