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GI Multicam OCP FR Shirt Genuine US Army Issue Insect Washed

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  • Color: Multicam (Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern)

  • Pocket Style: 1st Generation Velcro-Flap Closure

  • Cuff Style: 1st Generation Velcro-Flap Closure

  • Insect guard

  • Flame resistant

  • Pen Pockets: 3

  • Mandarin Collar: Yes

  • IR Glint Tabs: Yes

  • LIN: C68926

Official Army Multicam, made by US Government Contractors.This is the FR ACU, or Flame-Resistant ACU, in Multicam. This is approved for wear, but it is NOT the newest OCP pattern. It is slightly different from the latest issue OCP uniforms.

The FR Multicam Army Combat Uniform coat is constructed to military specification GL/PD 07-13 with Defender™ M, a flame-resistant, combat fabric used by the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps. It exceeds ASTM D 6413-99 flame resistance standards. This Multicam coat self-extinguishes and will not melt or drip.

  • Sewn to Military Specification GL/PD 07-13 

  • Made with Defender™ M combat fabric used by the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps

  • Exceeds ASTM D 6413-99 flame resistance standards

  • Contains Lenzing FR® which absorbs and evaporates perspiration faster for maximum comfort

  • NIR-Compliant

  • Approved for Use by the U.S. Army

  • All Pre-owned tops are in excellent condition: No holes, tears. May have some very minor wear or fading from use.

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