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Gerber Efect Weapons Maintenance Tool


The Efect Weapons Maintenance Tool was developed for the distinct purpose of cleaning and maintaining an AR15/M16/M4 variant. Whether you're at the range or on patrol, the Efect incorporates components that make field cleaning faster and more precise. It's compatible and interchangeable with the Otis cleaning components such as brushes, scrapers, picks and rods.

Interchangeable Tool Component: OTIS nylon end brush, Saf-T-Plus Lock, front sight pin tool, flat driver/scraper, OTIS curved pick, punch, scraper

Special Features
Interchangeable Tool Pack - Easily replaceable with Otis components
Front Sight Adjustment Tool - Quick, accurate adjustments
Saf.T.Plus Component Locking System 
Compact Design - Perfect size to carry every day
Sheath Included - For durable storage white carrying
Technical Specs
Model: 31-000049
Overall Length: 8.00"
Closed Length: 3.50"
Weight: 3.80 oz.
Tool: Assembled in USA from foreign parts

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Additional Info

Functions of the Gerber Efect

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