Reebok Dauntless AR670-1 Boots Coyote


Available in sizes 4-15 and in Wide

Reebok 8" Dauntless 

Reebok Dauntless AR670-1 Coyote Boot RB8822

The Reebok Dauntless Coyote Boot is compliant with US Army AR670-1 standards and can be worn with the Scorpion or Multicam uniform. These boots cannot be worn with the ACU uniform. When you are out on operations or in garrison, you cannot afford to have inferior boots, which makes these an outstanding option for your combat boots. Reebok designed these with tactical operators in mind. All of the various components of the Reebok Dauntless Coyote Boot work together to create an exceptional boot. The upper portion of this eight inch tactical boot is made from a combination of leather and ballistic nylon. This not only makes the boot strong but it also gives it flexibility as not to restrict the wearer. The outsole is made of a rubber bottom with dual density, which makes it comfortable yet lightweight. The boot comes with a mesh lining that maximizes air flow to keep your feet dry and comfortable. Additionally, a removable insole with shock absorption keeps your feet comfortable. This boot is a one-of-a-kind tactical boot that is great for the tactical situations you encounter on duty.

Features and Benefits of the Coyote Reebok Dauntless Boot RB8822:

  • Meets AR670-1 requirements
  • Worn with the Scorpion and Multicam uniform
  • 8 inch durable tactical boot
  • Constructed of cattle hide leather and ballistic nylon, with mesh lining
  • Removable insole with shock absorption
  • Air vents on sides to keep feet dry
  • Rubber outsole provides cushioned support and traction
  • NATO laces


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